• Gordian Tork established Uniters North America, LLC

  • Posted on February 13, 2014
  • In 1991, Gordian Tork founded a company called Uniters and is today the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of that firm. It has expanded considerably since that time, creating and sustaining worldwide trading relationships and entering new markets constantly. Uniters is a company that provides access to high quality, but reasonably priced, products and services for home care, furniture repair, and furniture protection.

    In 2009, Gordian Tork established Uniters North America, LLC, which is a company designed to bring Uniters' most successful brands into the American market. He is today the CEO of the company, which is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. Uniters North America is responsible for furniture repair and protection products and home care products like Leather Master, Wood Master, Textile Master, Repair Master, Boat Master, and Auto Care Master, amongst others.

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